Yolotzin Healing Arts Medicine Philosophy & Roots

Yolotzin is a Nahuatl word meaning “sacred heart” or “fluttering heart”. Nahuatl is a Native language spoken throughout areas of Central America, and North America. With intention being the root of all medicine, Yolotzin Healing Arts was envisioned with the intention of blooming healing from the Heart. As we walk along the road of our healing journey we spiral into the body, into the heart, to discover ourselves again. Polish and refine our unique expression to once again spiral out into a state of balance, and ease.

Brittany Acosta is a local Denver Bodyworker, and Folk Herbalist with an emphasis on Women’s Health and Fertility. Being a mixed woman of Indigenous Mexican, Spanish and Irish Celtic descent Brittany is passionate about reclaiming her Ancestral Medicine ways. Her journey began after being taught the art of Sobada de Matriz (MesoAmerican Womb Massage) from Maya Elder Doña Maria in Xocén, Yucatán, Mexico. She then went on to graduate from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, where she studied a variety of modalities with an emphasis on Myofascial Release and Structural Integration. Expanding her Bodywork education she trained, and was certified in Thai Yoga Massage under the Shivagakomarpaj Lineage. Brittany continues her studies of AstroHerbalism with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, and in Mexican Traditional Medicine through her ongoing training with various Medicine Women, Elders, through working in ceremony as a Danzante Azteca, and member and student of the NAC.

“The sacred is not in heaven or far away. It is all around us, and small human rituals can connect us to its presence. And of course, the greatest challenge (and gift) is to see the sacred in each other.” Alma Luz Villanueva, (Mexica/Yaqui) writer, poet​

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